Fibroids & Pregnancy

"My wife and I started a long journey after my wife was diagnosed with fibroids. We were trying to conceive, and my wife was told by her previous OB/GYN that she needed a myomectomy to prevent the fibroids from having birth complications. I knew that technology and medicine has seen a forefront of cutting-edge procedures, so I sought for a better solution than having to worry about a procedure that carries heavier risks.

My search started with fibroid treatments that are minimally invasive, and I came across the Acessa procedure and Uterine fibroid embolization. Both procedures were alternatives to a myomectomy. After doing our due diligence, we found that Acessa carried the least amount of risk with a very high success rate of treating fibroids.

We found Dr. Diesfeld of the Fibroid Institute in Ventura, and decided to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Diesfeld and staff were extremely inviting, and to date we have not found a doctor with a more caring attitude (which is extremely rare in medical today) and knowledgeable. My wife had the Acessa procedure done by Dr. Diesfeld, and she was back at work after 2 days of taking it easy. The surgery was success, with the removal of 7 fibroids. At our 6-month follow-up with Dr. D, we are happy to report that the fibroids have successfully “ablated,” and we’re now able to focus on having a baby. We love Dr. D and staff, and we couldn’t be more grateful for Acessa."

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