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Are you considering a midwife to help you during your pregnancy? A midwife not only can help ensure you have a safe pregnancy and natural childbirth, but they also offer a variety of well-woman care throughout your lifetime. Dr. Patrick Diesfeld and the midwives at the Women’s Health Partnership Medical Group offer specialized, one-on-one care, unlike any other practice in the area. All of our midwives are also certified nurse practitioners. If you live around Ventura County, call today or schedule an appointment online to come in and meet one of the midwives.

Midwifery Q&A


 What is midwifery? 

When most people hear the word ‘midwife,’ they think of a woman delivering babies, but the term actually means ‘with woman.’ These healthcare professionals generally work with women throughout the course of their reproductive years, particularly during pregnancy, labor, and postnatal care.

What services do midwives provide?

A midwife works in partnership with you to give you the necessary support, care, and advice you need. This care includes preventive measures and the promotion of a normal birth.

Midwives have an important role in health counseling, not only to you, but to your family as well. A midwife provides education on women’s reproductive health and helps prepare you for parenthood and childcare.

Who are the midwives at Women’s Health Partnership Medical Group?

The certified nurse-midwives at Women’s Health Partnership Medical Group provide primary healthcare to women at all stages of their lives. They offer well-woman care, including routine screenings, contraceptive care, and postmenopausal support and treatment.

Midwives educate patients and answer questions about good nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyles. They also provide individualized support, expert delivery, and postpartum care.

As certified nurse-midwives, Sally McNally, Bethany Mesker, and Jacqueline Lagana have completed advanced training and education and graduated from a nurse-midwifery program accredited by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

They also passed a rigorous national certification exam. Sally, Bethany, and Jacqueline help support you during this unique time in your life. From spending time with you during your prenatal visits until you give birth, you can count on the dedicated team to address your individual needs and answer any questions you have.

The midwives at Women’s Health Partnership Medical Group work closely with Dr. Diesfeld to give you the care you deserve. They are the only full-time, full-service, hospital-based midwife practice in the county.

We have expanded our maternity options with the fortunate addition of Sally McNally, Bethany Mesker, and Jacqueline Lagana, Certified Nurse-Midwives. They bring a great deal of experience to our practice and add another aspect to the birthing process. The midwife can be in attendance throughout the labor to provide massage for relaxation, encourage timely use of the shower or hot tub and provide generous amounts of comforting verbal and physical support - a truly “high touch” birth experience. Dr. D remains available in a backup role for these births, which, of course, still have the option for pain medicine or epidural as needed. You will meet Roseann and Sally along the course of your pregnancy since they participate in the
prenatal care of all of our pregnant patients. They have a special interest in patient education. If you so desire, you can ask for Sally, Bethany, or Jacqueline to be your main practitioner for the delivery.

You can also have Dr. D as your delivery doctor!

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